Viral hepatitis is a serious public health problem that affects more than 300 million people worldwide and causes more than 1.34 million deaths annually, more than those caused by HIV / AIDS, TB and malaria. 

Every year, July 28 marks the international day for the fight against Viral Hepatitis, or World Hepatitis Day. In order to draw attention to the danger posed by these viral diseases, the National Institute of Public Health, the main patient organizations and other entities such as medical centers (public and private), pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies promote a series of awareness raising and pro-testing campaigns. INSP offers an annual analysis of the situation of viral hepatitis problems in Romania but also a presentation following the theme of the global prevention campaign for that year. Coordinated globally by the World Hepatitis Alliance, the global campaign focuses each year on a specific theme, and for2020 the main theme will be "Find the missing millions", its goal being that, through testing and awareness, as many people as possible of the 290 million people infected with viral hepatitis but unaware should be discovered. Another important theme was "A future without hepatitis" with an emphasis on the prevention of hepatitis B among mothers and young children.

In May 2016, WHO member states decided to adopt the first hepatitis elimination strategy, which aims to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Similarly, in 2016, the #NoHep movement emerged, a global movement aimed at achieving this goal of elimination set by the WHO. Romania has adopted a Framework Plan for hepatitis control starting with 2018 and on July 28, 2018, a NoHep popularization conference was organized at national level.

Annually, on July 28, the Association of Patients with Liver Diseases in Romania, APAH-RO organizes awareness campaigns on viral hepatitis and the possibility of testing and vaccination against liver viruses. 

In addition to the specific campaigns related to World Hepatitis Day, there have been a number of information and awarenessraising campaigns at national level with a fairly wide exposure. 

Thus, in 2013 a joint national campaign was launched entitled "Find out about C" (“Află de C”) focused on awareness of the danger of hepatitis C. The campaign had national exposure both through conferences and through web pages and social media presence. 

In 2017, the Baylor-Black Sea Foundation created a series of easily accessible online materials that explain treatment and testing options for viral hepatitis in a way that is easy to understand and focused on the needs of the public. These materials are accessible on Youtube

In 2018, under the auspices of the Association for Sustainable Development in Health, another campaign took place, benefiting from a series of videos with personalities such as Cătălin Botezatu, Maria Cîrneci or Cătălin Scărlatescu as spokespersons, doubled by a series of debates on Hepatitis C prevention, detection and treatment. The campaign lasted three months, received financial support from the pharmaceutical and logistics sectors, from the Balş Institute and the National Society for Family Medicine.