The first Electronic Registry System for Viral Hepatitis Screening in Romania

Within the Live(Ro) 1 Program – The training of Romanian healthcare professionals for the populational screening of chronic hepatitis B / C / D infections, , a project whose primary beneficiary is the Fundeni Clinical Institute the first electronic screening record system (SEES) for viral hepatitis in Romania will be developed. The importance of this electronic system for the successful implementation of the screening program is essential, ensuring the storage and interpretation of the collected data

The Electronic Screening Record System - S.E.E.S has password-secured access, as it is intended for medical service providers, respectively General Practitioners, doctors from the hospitals where the diagnosis and staging will be performed, as well as laboratory physicians. The computer application will be developed in order to centralize essential data regarding the patients tested in the screening process, as well as the subsequent monitoring of those found positive. Through SEES, it will be possible to obtain valuable data on the annual evolution and age categories of prevalence in the tested populations, the geographical distribution of infections in the regions targeted by screening and other relevant data indicated by experts involved in the development of this registry. The information thus obtained will be reliable data for the development of subsequent public measures / strategies / policies in order to reduce the effects of chronic hepatitis infection in Romania.

The SEES electronic system will demonstrate its usefulness by uploading and centralizing information on hepatitis B / D and C infected patients, and the operators will be able to develop further modules to centralize information of existing patients in the database with other pathologies or co-infections or even development of modules dedicated to separate databases with patients from other national or screening programs.

The electronic record system will be managed by the National Institute of Public Health.

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